The Spring of Greece


The  Sping  of Greece,

Porto Rafti , after  2  warm  days like  20 – 25  degrees Celsius where  I was full  of  work ,  back  from  EUDISHOW in Bologna  Italy where was SNOWING.

Finally yesterday  we manage  to go and  have  a look  if  Sping  is coming  also in  the  bottom of  the sea…


Conditions  were  not bad around 10-12 meter of visibility ,  the area  where I wanted to  fish  is  around    5 miles  in  the middle of the  sea  where  from 60 m  come  up a  big plateu at  32-  37m  and some  on  40.

Here I have some  nice spots,  small  rocks  and  some  small pinnacles ,in Sping  always some fish is  moving from the deep side of 50-60,   to  the shallow one .


Infact my thought  was not wrong…

In one of the pinnacols   already on the descent I saw  some Dentex ,  I  know  that  if I go the bottom  they  will  go,  and  not  come again, (  tipical behavior  in this  area in this  period )

So I decide to  fly up on   them   and try a shoot  from  diagonal  position  ,  95 sniper  made the rest…

The fish  was stoned…ascent  easy and  he  gift  us  his  beautiful  colors.


Than  I tried to  find  white groupers and  after some empty  sposts in  one  flat  rock  I finally saw one  of good dimesions  out of the rock, on  the sand  ,

I was  at  7 , 8 meters form  the fish  and descending  very slowly,  but  he did not risk  and  decided to go into the cave,  this period  they start to  be  outside  on the sand  but  the water is sill cold ,(around 14-15 celtius )  and when  they see the spearfisher  they prefer  to go  directly on the cave.

In Summer   and warm waters  before  going  in the cave  they  will  start to  go from  one rock  to the other   for as long  time  as  the spearo   needs to  go up to   take  breath  .

But this  is another story,

Coming back to our  Spring  white grouper , I had the sniper 85  with the new dubble  rubber  nitro 14 ,

The  cave  is  quite long and the fish  show  me  his back ,  so  in  this case we need to  be  very accurate to stone  the fish  from  the  ¾   of the back  and  the shaft  needs to go out  a bit  up the  eye.

Also the second fish is stoned .


I can Say that SPRING is STARTED ! enjoy  and dive safe.

Remember that  you come  from  a cold  winter and  you need some  days  to be