About Us

Professional Spearos provide a 360° Service to the Spearfisher that is interested to discover a challenging adventure of Spearfishing , upgrade his Skills as spearo & freediver and purchase high quality Boats .

Giacomo De Mola, founder of Professional Spearos, started spearfishing in Italy at age of 12. He has visited Seas and Oceans all over the world for spearing and free diving.

between 2003-2007 was on WORLD TOP 10 freediving atheltes with 90 meters constant weight.

between 2014-2020 is on the WORLD TOP top 5 on Spearfishing Competitions and in 2021 he become Spearfishing World Champion

 With an experience of over 25 years in these activities. He has won many medals and awards in international level. 

Our Main Activities

Spearfishing PSA certification School and Trips 

-Spearfishing Personal – Face to face Courses and Sessions

-Advanced Breathing Techniques

-Mental training technique and practice

-Spearfishing workshops all over the world

-Inflatable Boat Sales

Giacomo De Mola

-“From my  first exeriences in Spearfishing when I was  young, as  sea lover and spearfishing  addict, I always wanted to improve my  knowledge and skills in these two activities  looking for  help and  advices from  experts and Pro Spearos.

But in that  time very few Diving Centers  were proving spearfishing Courses with certificated Instructors 

These are  the main  reasons I founded ProfessionalSpearos.” 

Awards Medals

These are the main Competitions Results   

CMAS  free diving  Word Champion  Team  2004

Italian freediving  Champion CMAS  2004 -2005          

 1st place spearfishing   ROVINJ CUP 2016 CROATIA                 

 1st place spearfishing  DIVE IN CUP 2016 CROATIA          

5th  place individual spearfishing CMAS world championship 2016 GREECE          

3th place spearfishing CMAS Euroafrican  2017 Malj losin CROATIA  

3th place Spearfishing MASTER OF PALMA individual 2018 Maiorca SPAIN

1st place Spearfishing  OPEN  CIUDAT DE PALMA 2018 Maiorca SPAIN

1st place Master of Palma 2019 Maiorca SPAIN

1st place Brand World Cup 2019 Maiorca SPAIN

Euroafrican  spearfishing champion TEAM 2019 Svendborg DENMARK

1st Place Master of Palma 2020 Mallorca Spain

2nd Place Brand World Cup 2020 Mallorca Spain